The Advantages of Clearfield UT Injection Foam Insulation

Clearfield UT Injection Foam Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important parts of any home, but few homeowners even give it a second thought until the unbearable heat of summer or the bone-chilling cold of winter slowly seeps into their house. There are multiple systems for insulating any structure: fiberglass bat, blown-in cellulose, and, a popular option, expanding foam. Although most people think of expanding foam insulation as only for the new construction industry, recent advances have made it possible to use this insulation on existing homes! Accent Insulation, a Clearfield UT injection foam insulation company, uses only the latest in expanding foam industry technology to blanket your home.

There are several benefits to using home insulation in Clearfield UT:

1. Existing Structures – In this application, the installer carefully removes a piece of siding from the exterior. A hole large enough to accommodate the fill pipe is bored through the plywood substrate to access each stud bay (the gaps between wall studs), a pipe is inserted, and polyurethane foam is injected into the empty cavity. The foam expands dozens of times in volume and cures within minutes, and the result is a stud bay that has no voids for warm or cold air to penetrate through. And because this process is carried out on the outside of the home, there are no contractors constantly going in and out of the home, creating messes for the homeowner to clean up.

2. Value – Because this foam completely fills any open pockets, the house now experiences an immediate reduction in heating and cooling costs. In short, the house is completely wrapped and a tight blanket that reduces energy costs immediately.

3. Short Payback – The real incentive for injection foam insulation comes in the form of your monthly utility bills. Estimates vary, but a potential 40% reduction in heating and cooling costs could be realized, depending on home size, age, and climate. In 2-4 years, your insulation project could be paid back!

There really is only one name to trust for home insulation in Clearfield UT: Accent Insulation. Accent Insulation can handle both types of residential installations in brick or vinyl siding in the Clearfield UT injection foam insulation market. Give them a call for an estimate and see the advantages of injection foam insulation today!