The Best Blown-In Attic Insulation in Logan UT

blown-in attic insulation in logan ut
Blown-In Attic Insulation in Logan UT

Are you tired of high summer heating bills? Does your air conditioner struggle to keep up when the sun is beating down on your roof? If so, adding attic insulation may be the answer to your problems. Blown-in attic insulation in Logan UT allows you to add insulation to your home without undergoing a major renovation. Like the name suggests, the insulation is simply blown into your attic out of a hose. The insulation fills empty air spaces in your attic and creates an additional buffer between your home and outside temperatures.

Accent Insulation provides blown-in attic insulation in Logan UT. We’ll visit your home to see how much insulation you currently have and how adding more insulation can keep your home cooler. We’ll also work with you to keep your attic storage spaces available for your continued use.

Our Logan UT home insulation services take just a few hours. Accent Insulation sends experienced technicians to your home who know how to do the job right and in an efficient manner. The hardest part of the job is figuring out what kind of insulation you need and how much you need. This is based on your home’s sun exposure, roof materials, and existing insulation. After that, we park a truck in your driveway, carry a tube into your attic, and carefully add insulation to your attic. There is no mess, smell, or other fuss.

We’ve provided Logan UT home insulation services for years. Our customers are always satisfied with the speed and quality of our work. They report an immediate difference in how comfortable their home is, how much less their air conditioner has to run, and how much lower their electricity bills are. In many cases, the utility bill savings alone are more than what it takes to add insulation to your attic.

To find out how much attic insulation costs and what kind of difference it can make in your home, give us a call today. We offer free estimates and professional advice on how to make your home more comfortable. Depending on how busy we are, we can have the job done in a matter of days.